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Are You Search Scooty in Philippines 2024. The most popular Scooty include Unique UD 100(₱ 85,500), Honda CD 70 Dream(₱ 90,500), Honda CB 250F(₱ 8,75,250).Top 5 Car Manufacturers that Produce Scooty are Yamaha, Hero, Unique, Honda. Check to Top Scooty in Philippines

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What is a Scooty?

Scooty are comfortable, everyday useful Scooty.Popular Scooty include the Honda CD 70,Crown CR 125 etc.

Which bike is best for commuting in Philippines

Most economical Scooty available in Philippines is Honda CD 70 which is priced at ₱ 90,900.

which Scooty is best mileage?

Most commuters bike is offer a mileage between 70-90kmpl. Unique UD 100 at ₱ 85,500, Honda CD 70 Dream at ₱ 90,500 and Honda CB 250F at ₱ 8,75,250.